Stovell's Artisanal Gin

Stovell's Wildcrafted Gin was created at the award-winning Stovell's restaurant in Chobham, Surrey! Crafted by Chef Patron Fernando Stovell and Mixologist Geyan Surendran , their Wildcrafted Gin is made using a rotary evaporator, organic wheat spirit and a whole host of interesting, sustainably foraged botanicals. These include...

Angelica, bilberries, chamomile flower, elderflower, haw berries, juniper, lemon balm, liquorice root, lovage, meadowsweet, nettles, oak moss, red clover flowers, sweet flag, wild rosehips and petals, wild fennel and woodruff.

The Stovell's team divide the botanicals into flavour families, let them soak in the spirit, strain them, distil each group in the rotary evaporator, blend them back into the base spirit with a touch of Chobham honey and bring it down to 42% ABV with local water.

To purchase please contact the office for placing an order.